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Polarized Clip-on Sunglasses

Clip On Sunglasses

Features and Benefits:

  • Proprietary Visionaries polarized lenses that meet and exceed all international standards for Optics, UV, Polarizing efficiency, including US ANSI Z80.3, EN 1836 class 1, AS/NZS1067 and GB10810
  • Optical industry's most comprehensive fit kit, which is compact, versatile, and easy to utilize
  • Polarized glare demonstrator
  • Our Shade Control clips are designed to ensure that the polarized horizontal axis is never compromised
  • Polarized lenses
  • Stainless steel patented construction
  • Functioning rim locks
  • All sun lenses filter 100% of ultraviolet light up to 400nm and meet or exceed all local and international standards pertaining to optical clarity, durability, and safety, including but not limited to ANSI Z80.3:2008, EN1836:2005, and AS/NZS 1067:2003.

Available Polarized Lens Colors:

  • Blu-Gard - Orange Tint
  • Brown - Brown Tint
  • Grey - Grey Tint
  • Yellow - Yellow Tint

Available Polycarbonate Lens Colors:

  • Yellow - Bright Canary Yellow

Available Perception Lens Colors:

  • Black Flash - Grey base tint with Black Flash mirror
  • Caribbean Green - Grey base tint with Green Flash mirror
  • Classic Silver - Grey base tint with Silver Flash mirror
  • Copper Driving - Copper base tint with Silver mirror and AR backside coating
  • Crimson Red - Grey base tint with Red Flash mirror
  • Deep Blue - Grey base tint with Blue Flash mirror
  • Hcp Yellow - Yellow base tint with Silver mirror and AR backside coating

Available Frame Colors:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Gunmetal
US Patent # 6,234,628
EU Patent 1116984


Shop for Visionaries Clip on Sunglasses by Frame Shape and Size






47mm x 34mm x 113mm
49mm x 35mm x 117mm
51mm x 36mm x 120mm


 47mm x 29mm x 114mm 
49mm x 30mm x 116mm
51mm x 31mm x 120mm


52mm x 33mm x 124mm
54mm x 35mm x 128mm
56mm x 38mm x 132mm


55mm x 27.5mm x 125mm
57mm x 28.5mm x 128mm


41mm x 26mm x 101mm
44mm x 27mm x 105mm
45mm x 30mm x 108mm
47mm x 30mm x 112mm
50mm x 31mm x 116mm


44mm x 27mm x 104mm
46mm x 29mm x 108mm
48mm x 30mm x 113mm
50mm x 32mm x 117mm
52mm x 33mm x 120mm
54mm x 35mm x 126mm
56mm x 35mm x 131mm



52mm x 29mm x 120mm
54mm x 31mm x 124mm
56mm x 32mm x 126mm


46mm x 27mm x 106mm
47mm x 28mm x 111mm
50mm x 29mm x 117mm
52mm x 31mm x 119mm
54mm x 33mm x 124mm


50mm x 28mm x 120mm
52mm x 29mm x 124mm



42mm x 33mm x 103mm
44mm x 34mm x 106mm
46mm x 36mm x 109mm
48mm x 37mm x 114mm
50mm x 39mm x 116mm
52mm x 41mm x 119mm


48mm x 35mm x 111mm
50mm x 37mm x 115mm
52mm x 39mm x 118mm
54mm x 40mm x 124mm
56mm x 43mm x 127mm


47mm x 42mm x 112mm
49mm x 43mm x 116mm
50mm x 45mm x 121mm



48mm x 22mm x 112mm
50mm x 23mm x 119mm
52mm x 24mm x 120mm
54mm x 25mm x 125mm
56mm x 28mm x 128mm


52mm x 26mm x 124mm
54mm x 27mm x 127mm


53mm x 45mm x 122mm
55mm x 46mm x 125mm
57mm x 48mm x 130mm
58mm x 49mm x 134mm

TRU/REC (TRX)   WAY   Special Pricing


48mm x 27mm x 114mm
50mm x 28mm x 117mm
52mm x 29mm x 122mm
54mm x 31mm x 125mm
56mm x 35mm x 129mm
58mm x 37mm x 133mm


Way - Designed to fit the Ray Ban Wayfarer and similar "chunky" plastic frames

52mm x 41mm x 121mm
54mm x 43mm x 125mm
57mm x 45mm x 130mm


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(HIP)   (ROC)   (WAL)
 52mm x 38mm
55mm x 40mm
57mm x 43mm

   52mm x 48mm
54mm x 44mm

   52mm x 35mm
54mm x 38mm
56mm x 40mm

Low Vision Visionaries
  Rimless Visionaries   How to Use Size Guides




Shop for our Night Driving, Hunting/Shooting proprietary clip on glasses with spring clips.  These are available in numerous frame sizes, shapes and colors.


Shop for our Rimless Visionaries proprietary clip on glasses with spring clips.  These are available in numerous frame sizes and shapes.


The only way to select the correct size is to PRINT the relevant size guides at 100% and then put your glasses down over the outlines to see which size clip-on frame fits.

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