Red Polycarbonate Welding Sheet Shade 4



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The Welding Sheet Shade 4 is designed to filter harmful UV rays and other light wavelengths produced by welding operations. The light absorbing additives are distributed throughout the sheet, the sheet will not lose any of it’s protective properties if the surface becomes scratched.

The product is virtually unbreakable with extremely high impact resistance. The material also has excellent fire performance, it is a flame inhibited product that is resistant to ignition.

With these properties, the material is ideally suited to large scale welding screens in robotic or manual welding areas. The material is not designed for welding face masks and personal eye protection.

The Welding Sheet Shade 4 can also be easily fabricated, cut, bent or thermoformed into complex shapes. Maximum size 60″ x 80″ with 3mm thickness.

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