Fuglies Safety Eyewear

Fuglies Safety glasses may have a unique, fun name, but this eyewear line can do some heavy lifting when you are working in difficult conditions. Fuglies Safety eyewear has a unique construction that brings together impact safety protection, sun and glare protection, and great looks. By purchasing this eyewear, you are able to take advantage of comfortable, durable, and secure safety glasses—regardless of the conditions.

Our collection of Fuglies Safety eyewear allows for prescription lenses. Therefore, even if you have an eye condition, you will still be able to take advantage of the durability and comfort of these safety glasses. Fuglies Safety eyewear is ANSI Z87.2 safety approved, meaning that these glasses meet some of the highest durability standards on the market today. Simply put, these safety glasses can take a punch. Along with this durability are padded nose grips and removable vented foam lens gaskets. These features ensure that your Fuglies Safety eyewear rest comfortably on your face—even if you are in motion or facing a significant amount of wind or debris. Some models even contain an adjustable strap, which can provide even more security when you are on the move. 

Fuglies impact safety glasses, compared to other safety glasses, comes in fewer colors. Looking at our collection, you can see that many frames come in black or shades of black. The default lens colors are a darker shade as well. But having said this, black safety glasses look great on both men and women. They will complement your clothing and style—no matter what you are wearing while you are on the job.  

With all of this said, we invite you to browse our Fuglies Safety eyewear collection below. If you are in the market for high-quality, yet fun safety glasses, you will undoubtedly find a compelling pair in our collection.

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