Smith Optics Eyewear

Smith Optics eyewear is proud to stand for sleek, stylish, comfortable and high-quality eyeglasses. Founded over 60 years ago, Smith Optics has pioneered advanced product innovation in sunglasses and snow goggles. The company continues to bring this game-changing attitude to all of its products today, including its expanding line of eyewear.

At Rx-Safety, we are proud to offer a long list of Smith Optics eyewear for both men and women. Whether you are purchasing your first pair of eyeglasses or are looking for a change of pace, you will likely find what you are looking for under the Smith Optics line.

Every pair of Smith Optics eyewear comes equipped with certain features and benefits. For example, many pairs of Smith Optics eyeglasses contain an injection-molded style, built adjustable wire core temples, and megol tips. What does all of this mean? By purchasing Smith Optics eyewear, you can be confident that you will be extremely comfortable. Along with this, you can have the confidence that your new pair of glasses will not fall off of your face. This peace of mind is extremely valuable if you are active throughout the day.

Not only this, but Smith Optics eyewear is extremely stylish. Most designs contain a rectangular shape and have the iconic “SMITH” logo on the side of the frame. And if you have a particular taste in colors, you are going to love Smith Optics eyewear. Some sample colors include bkall green, black yellow, crystal blue, and crystal red. There are many other colors, however, so you will want to go through the collection to see which colors speak to you.

If you are looking for new eyewear, Smith Optics eyewear can be a wonderful choice. So what are you waiting for? We encourage you to check out our collection today.

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