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Costa Sunglasses Are Your Best Weapon Against Fish

Fishing is a sport that requires the best sunglasses you can find.  Whether you are battling in the deep waves of the ocean or stalking through the crystal flats, your eyewear matters. 

Costa Glasses vs. Harsh Environment 

During a day of deep-sea fishing, you will experience varying conditions: salt-spray and wind to the face, brutal tug-a-war with large fish, and moments where eyewear slippage or breakage could ruin a well-earned day on the water.  

If you are sight-fishing on the flats, your sunglasses are one of your most important pieces of equipment — can’t see the fish, can’t catch the fish.  The most successful anglers are those with an edge.  Spying the elusive shadows is the first step to the perfect cast placement and landing that catch. 

The Best Sunglass Lenses for Fishing 

Whether you are in bright conditions or low light and cloudy conditions, deep-sea or inshore, Costa has the lenses to fit your needs: 

  • Headed to bright sun, offshore fishing?  Blue mirror lenses are a superb choice.
  • Do you love inshore or freshwater fishing?  Check out green mirror or copper lenses.
  • Or maybe you primarily fish in low-light situations?  Try the silver mirror. 

No matter which lenses you choose, you will enjoy Costa’s patented 580 technology.  Polarized sunglasses are a key element when fishing, but not all polarized glasses are made the same. With Costa’s glasses, you will enjoy a sharp, scratch-resistant view while still blocking harmful rays. 

Costa’s Frame Durability and Selection 

With tough, polycarbonate frames and a comfortable, non-slip fit, Costa frames, like their lenses, will not disappoint. Made from an earth-friendly, bio-resin process, their nylon frames are tough and built for the harshest conditions.  So next time you accidentally leave your sunglasses baking in the sun, you need not worry. Also, enjoy a host of different shapes and styles to block wind, sun, and keep you looking your best. 

If you’re ready to get the best sunglasses for your next fishing adventure, check out VS Eyewear‘s vast selection of Costa eyewear!

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