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Why to Never Buy Cheap Fit Over Sunglasses!

         When it comes to fit over sunglasses, sacrificing quality for price is not a good idea.Although UV protection levels should not raise the price of sunglasses, it is important to remember to pay close attention to the percentage of

protection provided by the lenses. For instance, if the UV protection statement is vague and simply says “absorbs UV” or “high UV protection” you should keep shopping for another pair. Its important for your health to look for 100% UV protection due to the health problems that excessive UV exposure can cause. UV radiation increases your odds of getting cataracts and has also been linked to macular degeneration. Other UV-related eye problems are pterygium (when the conjunctiva grows into the cornea) and pingueculum (a yellowish bump of tissue on the white of the eye). Additionally, Photokeratitis is a corneal sunburn that’s also known as snow blindness. As the name suggests, skiers and snowboarders are particularly vulnerable to this temporary but acutely painful condition. All JonathanPaul Fitovers™ frames offer 100% UV protection.

Polarization does not mean more protection, however it is great for cutting horizontal glare on roads, snow, and water. Polarized lenses reduce glare by filtering out the reflected sunlight that bounces off surfaces like water or pavement.  While it’s not necessarily a health factor, it can prove to be safer, and therefore is usually worth the extra cost if you participate in water sports, outdoor hobbies, or drive a lot. All Jonathan Paul Fitovers™ lenses are polarized.


Lens color is mostly a matter of preference, not health, and can sometimes effect the price of your new shades. The darkest color does not necessarily mean that it protects your eyes better than a lighter color – remember to look for 100% UV protection! Color does play a role in lens selection since some colors are better or worse for particular activities. For instance, green lenses are great for morning and dusk, while yellow lenses are helpful to 90% of all eye disorders! Additionally,yellow or rose tinted lenses can make it difficult to distinguish changes in traffic lights, while gray, green, and brown lenses minimize color distortion, and are a better choice when you’ll be behind the wheel. Take your daily life or personal style preference into consideration when choosing a lens color. Although it may cost a little extra, it may be worth it in the long run. Every Jonathan Paul Fitovers™ frame is polarized. Jonathan Paul Fitovers™ offers gray, amber, roadster, yellow, blue mirror, green mirror, purple mirror and gold mirror lens options.



Frame and lens material is the most important factor when avoiding cheap sunglasses. A quality pair of sunnies will have optically ground lenses with little to no distortion, while the cheaper and less expensive sunglasses are usually stamped out of a mold rather than ground and polished, and that can affect optical quality. To tell the difference, move your head back and forth, allowing your eyes to sweep across the lens. If there is any wiggle in the line, then the lenses may have an optical defect and you should choose another pair. As far as frame materials go, durability can be a serious plus depending on your lifestyle and your environment. Not only is the quality and material of the frame important, but the size as well. Bigger frame size means more coverage, which is much healthier for your eyes and the sensitive skin around them. Wrap-around frames are a good way to go in this case and Jonathan Paul the Original Fitovers Eyewear™ has over 150 to choose from.

At Jonathan Paul Eyewear™ we believe in protecting your eyes while maintaining your unique and beautiful style! The reason the prices are higher than cheap imitators is because we are the original fit over sunglass company. We use high-quality materials and offer the largest selection of sizes and colors. Our sunglasses are very durable and we have lasted some of our customers 10 years or more! We recognize that the fit is important; all of our products are different sizes and our sizing technique is easy to follow, unlike some cheaper fit over brands that have a small variety of sizes for customers to fit into. At Jonathan Paul Eyewear™ you don’t have to try to fit into the fitovers, the fitovers are made to fit you. Great quality sunglasses by name brand designers are usually much more expensive than necessary – but at Jonathan Paul Eyewear™ you don’t have to buy fit overs made of cheap materials in order to save money! The original Fitovers Eyewear™ sunglasses retail for $59.95 on our website, you can pick them up at our store in Bangor, PA or we ship all over the world!


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