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Why Polarized Clip On Flip Up Sunglasses Are An Excellent Option

Trying to pick out sunglasses can sometimes be a difficult task. This is especially true if you are wearing regular glasses as well. Thankfully, you […]

July 02, 2021 by mdemasi

Clip-on Sunglasses of the future are here

When you think about clip-on sunglasses, you might think about the ones your parents wore decades ago. You know, the ones from the 1980s-90s. If […]

July 02, 2021 by mdemasi

Selecting Laser Safety Eyewear

Lasers are useful tools in numerous fields, such as medicine, research, industrial, etc. The downside to using lasers is safety concerns. Especially eye hazards.   Ordinary […]

July 02, 2021 by mdemasi