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VS Eyewear is very proud to offer a wide assortment of prescription safety glasses to protect your delicate eye area.  Safety has never looked so good!  Choose from our broad variety of fashionable and functional frame shapes, sizes and colors. We offer our own line of high quality prescription safety glasses in Metal, Plastic, Wrap, Womens, Lighted and Bluetooth Safety Frames.  VS Eyewear is THE Leader in Prescritpion Safety Glasses.

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With 30 years of experience, our parent company founded Body Specs 18 years ago. The 2008 product line represents 30 years of innovation, quality, manufacturing, and dedication to value. As a family owned and operated company, we constantly evolve our products with the input of our staff and customers. Our focus markets, MILITARY & LAW ENFORCEMENT, TACTICAL PERSONNEL, SHOOTING, HUNTING, MOTORCYCLIST, and sport enthusiasts. Using only the highest quality materials in the construction of each individual lens and frame allows us to create stylish and aggressive designs. Designs that we stand behind. Our philosophy is simple, design and manufacture uncompromising sunglasses and goggles with tremendous value. Styles that let you express your individuality casual or active, fashion or function. Introducing our New AIRLESS BS- Goggles/Sunglass, are Lab Certified for Safety and Ballistics ANSI Z87.1.

Your Eyes are your most important tool - please let us help you take care of them!!!

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