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The world’s first eyewear with a Magnetic Interchange Lens System™ - for unparalleled convenience, speed and ease of use: an idea born of necessity.  Traditional fixed lens sunglasses work well in some light conditions, but not others. Mechanical interchange lens systems are clumsy and can be difficult to use.  Contact lens wearers need plano sunglasses some days and Rx suns on others. Between carrying around multiple, bulky sunglasses, and pulling and prying mechanical interchange lenses in and out, we felt there had to be a better way.

Then it came to us: “Magnets!”

So we built a prototype with embedded magnets in the sunglass lens and frame to test our theory. As we brought the magnetic interchange lenses close to the sunglass frame, they literally jumped into place.  It took us over three years to perfect the idea and to make sure that real users - serious runners, skiers, bikers, hikers, climbers, kayakers, golfers, and tennis players as well as active weekend warriors - would love them as much as we do. We also tested hundreds of different sunglass lenses to identify the best ones for the widest range of activities, selecting those that would provide the best visual information for sports performed in glare, sun and shade. The result: the world’s first magnetic interchange sunglass collection created for - and by - active outdoor athletes.

Switch magnets make changing lenses quick and easy, yet hold lenses in place securely.

Switch Vision sunglasses use high-energy magnets embedded in the lens and frame to enable users to swap lenses quickly and easily as light conditions and activities change.  Switch lenses will literally jump into place when broughtclose to the frame, but will stay put once the lenses havesnapped into position. Switch magnetic interchange lenses have been engineered to stay in the framewhen dropped from a height of six feet or subjected to the intense, repeated jarring of skiing, snowboarding, running or mountain biking.

We know all about the beating your lenses can take while you’re carving a slope or pounding along a cross country trail, so the designers at Switch have created the world’s first magnetic LensPod™ to carry and protect your lenses. The contoured pod easily fits into your pocket and pops open to allow you to dock your lenses…smart!


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