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Caterpillar Safety

Welcome to the new age of safety eyewear. VS Eyewear brings you our line of large-sized safety eyeglasses from Caterpillar, one of the most trusted names in industrial safety. Now, when you think of safety eyewear, you're probably envisioning those oversized plastic behemoths that no one would consider wearing outside the work site. Erase that image from your mind — Caterpillar has completed reinvented the industry. You'll find eyewear here in the classic full-framed rectangular style that looks as fashionable as anything made by a designer brand.

And here's the best part: opting for Caterpillar safety glasses doesn't mean giving up protection. These frames are crafted from durable metal and feature shatterproof side shields for protection that meets ANSI standards. Each one boasts adjustable acetate temple ends, monoblock spring hinges and silicone hinges for a fit that stays put while you work.

Caterpillar began as a tractor company back in 1925 and, through a tradition of innovation and quality craftsmanship, it's now the world's number one manufacturer of a variety of industrial products. So, if you're looking for eyewear that will protect you during the day and make you look cool at night, you can't go wrong with Caterpillar's large size safety glasses.

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